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Company Profile:Towards Sustainability


Environmental initiatives

Bangkok Fastening Company is well aware of the how much the company's production impacts the environment. The company takes full responsibility towards improving the environment and has received ISO 14001 certification. Through-out the years, we have put in a lot of effort to improve environment conservation inititives in our production line including installing 1MW solar panels to increase the use of green energy, developing water treatment facilities making sure that water from BFC is clean and safe to be disposed, waste separation, reusing heat energy and reducing as much industrial waste as possible.

Environmental Policy

Bangkok Fastening Co.,Ltd. is determined to coninuously develop our quality and environmental management system aiming at providing high standard quality products and services with punctual delivery meeting environmental requirements through continuous improvements

Environmental Commitments

  • Prevent pollution and contamination to the environment.

  • Follow environmental rules and requirements.

  • Create environmental consciousness to all stakeholders.

  • Conserve the energy and resources .

  • Continuously improve environmental management system


Environmental Efforts

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