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We are fortunate and proud to be part of mechanism of the fast growing development of ASEAN, single market with over 580 millions people.

BANGKOK FASTENING CO., LTD. is the major fasteners manufacturer in Thailand over 40 years with high reputation in term of quality, service and responsibility for both domestic and international markets. Our fasteners are in demand throughout ASEAN, we are pleased to offer our TOP products - Din931-933-8.8 and Din934 both coarse thread and fine thread through the convenience BFC-on-LINE web site at any quantities and any time. With prompt shipments, and satisfaction for our customers in our mind, we will be providing you “FORM D” certification in each shipment for AFTA tariff privilege, along with the normal shipping documents.

Our ORIGINAL TRADE MARK is “KEF” registered in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

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